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Photo of a toothbrush and toothpaste

One of our phantoms ever since we are children is to keep our teeth in good condition. Sweets are the big trouble and brushing our teeth with diverse movements such as “frottage” is the only way to avoid tooth decay. The easiest way to brush is to use an electric toothbrush.

The remote background for toothbrushes is a Chinese story. The first info about cleaning our smiles with brushes refers to China about the XVth century. On that era a structure made out of wood was the holder and the little brush was made out of goat fur. Other old stories date toothbrushes origins in Egypt. From the pharaohs era a structure made out of soft wood for the teeth hygiene was found in a pyramid.

The Chinese invention was maintained in Europe for many centuries and the goat fur, as well as the horse hair were widely employed for brushes manufacture until the XXth century when the apparition of artificial materials such as nylon allowed DuPont to develop forward the technique. The first synthetic brush was named “Miracle Toothbrush” by Dr. West.
Circa 1939 the method to clean teeth went forward with the invention of the electric toothbrush. The invention was a Scottish investigation and didn’t appear in the shops until the sixties when Squibb put in the market the invention in the American stores under the brand “Broxodent”.
After 1987 we may find in the stores the rotator toothbrush named Interplank which is one of the widest known mechanism nowadays. Most innovative equips are designed by Braun, Phlips Sonycare and Colgate.
In 2003 North American consumers selected the electric toothbrush as the invention they couldn’t live without. They situated the electric toothbrush before cars, computers, microwave or even the mobile phone.

Three are three massage techniques for a perfect use of the electric brush:

  • Rotating over teeth, tongue and palate.

  • Other is to bend 45 degrees and frottage.

  • The third one combines both.

While using the electric toothbrush accurately visits to the dentist drop in relation to those using manual cleansing. An universal design updated for all and very efficient garment.