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Photo of a laptop with Google's interface on screen

The twentieth century shall be remembered as the era of the fashion designers, and the XXIst century shall be the era of the non gravity, for there is as much going on in the imaginary world of the web as in the real land. Escape speed is referred to the moment when a spatial rocket gets away from land’s gravity. We may say that with Google this speed with no gravity is the frequent state. For while using the information in the web we need no body. With Google we visit museums away from our body. We talk to others in different languages with no need of translation; we always have a sit in the movies and our records collection never ends with any need of stepping out to buy more new music, for what’s new is first on the web. Today life should imitate websites and no barriers would be existing anymore. The XXIst century is the time for diversity.
Google was invented by two students from Stanford University in 1998. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, came up with a new system to find info in the web which was more simple, faster and secure than any other before.

We may say that Google has been a big a democratization in contemporary life as that promoted by the International Declaration of Human Rights on its time.
Many designers, use the web and Google, as a center of diffusion for their creations. The designers of the French Colbert Committee often show their catwalks on the web to guarantee a wider diffusion of their creativity. Singers as Madonna or films as Indiana Jones series of science fiction might be seen on line in any part of the world. Not to mention that shopping is always possible in the web, and department stores such as El Corte Inglés or La Redoutte offer their collections on line. Shopping is for all in the web, no barriers, no limits.
The Web and Google is a big help to work at home away from the office.

  • No needs of movements from the house ere needed for Google wider the possibility for all to do any kind of job.

  • Google helps so far to reach wider labor integration.

  • Not only working is possible through the web, also monitories for sanitary systems might be developed through the web.