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Photo of a single tap

On the last twenty years the single tap has reached the market covering the kitchen and bathrooms demands. On previous years, when the double tap was leader, besides the hard difficulty for many to open those taps, there was the obnoxious adventure of the water temperature. Even when users were able to open the tap there was the risk of burning or freezing themselves because those taps were difficult as mathematics to manage.

On several late collections star designers such as Antonio Citterio, Philippe Starck or Jean-Marie Massaud, have created beautiful as well as “Design for All” single tap pieces. For sure that their interest on this type of manufacture, has been due to the generalized use of these pieces, especially on public toilettes for the coverage of needs of persons with movement’s difficulties. On the public baths, single taps were often suggested as ideal help of easier utilities. Besides the inherent beauty of those design has propelled them to become a must.
In a recent taps collection for Axor, Antonio Cittero finds inspiration on Milan. The so called “M” collection exhibits a simple single tap with an elegant and slim design, so far the “fashion capital” becomes identify with technology.
Most bathrooms materials and elements manufacturers such as Grohe, Axor by Hansgrohe, Jacob Delafon, Supergrif or Roca include in their catalogues single taps which simplify movements in the toilette and give wider accessibility to various types of users.

Single taps improve ecological facilities:

  • They are an universal design and they avoid the duplication of services in such places as public bathrooms to reach accessibility to all various types of users.

  • In single taps there is a progressive substitution of the interior ceramic cartouches by two phases ecological cartouches which reduce water spends.

  • About 10% of the total energy in the toilette and around 5% of the water spent may be saved by using these systems.