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Photo of people carrying their wheeled suitcases on an scalator

Nothing better than traveling with no luggage, but it is not frequent to do so. A little bag with all the essentials might be an option for a couple of days long trip. But even in short term trips we carry more things than needed just in case it rains, it freezes and it could be warm. As far as that goes we travel with heavy suitcases. Better option is to carry a suitcase with wheels, that way the weight is not heavy on our back.

After the invention of wheeled suitcases several variations have been done onto those sets. And today is frequent to see bags, hand bags or backpacks with wheels. Wheels help carrying suitcases with no hands.

And it is frequent today to see evolved wheel suitcases with gentle holders, long pulling cables or soft bolts. Today Hercules or Goliath, we all may carry our suitcase.
Before the wheel there were the airport trolleys and the flexible bands with incorporated wheels. Delsey manufactures after 1970 suitcases ďair styleĒ and alter 1972 suitcases with wheels. Rigid metallic Rimowa suitcase exists alter the thirties.
Alexander McQueen designed in 2007 a wheeled suitcase with a torso shape for Samsonite, an art object.
Today in any hypermarket suitcases with wheels made out of long lasting materials may be acquired by any pocket, itís a very generalized object.

  • Classic size of suitcases with wheels ranges from 70 to 75 cm.

  • Consumers would rather buy suitcases with wheels or hanging bands than classical static suitcases.

  • The bigger consumer of this suitcases is Germany.