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Photo of an african boy carrying a Q-Drum

The uses of water are a very important matter nowadays. Meetings, exhibits and legal projects try to make water the center of attention to be able to maintain a reasonable distribution of the precious liquid in a planet under the crisis of becoming a desert. Expo Zaragoza has pavilions dedicated to the accurate use of water.

The Project designed by Matn Ruz de Aza puts the blame on the use of water in an oasis comparing it with the use of water in a modern city. In the desert less water guarantees more uses and in the city tons of water give insufficient coverage to social needs.

To design adequate garments for a proper use of water is a must nowadays. For countries such as South Africa or Angola a low cost turning water container has been designed.
Many decades ago priests would collect money in raise funds to built wells in developing countries. After the new fountain was built, the problem was to find a way to transport that water to the houses of the consumers. Traditional water containers were impossible to transport, and there appeared the Q-Drum, a low cost water container that would auto roll by pulling it with a cord situated in the center of the vessel.
Q-Drum is an auto rolling container designed by Pieter Hendrikse; it has an open cylinder that auto turns while walking and might be pulled with a rope with a rope, allowing even a child to perform easily this task. It can hold up to 50 liters of water.
The container is manufactured in low density plastic material.

  • It weighs five kilos and may carry up to 50 liters.

  • It measures about 50 cm. per 50 cms.

  • Up to 40 may be loaded one over the other.

  • Its a solution to give water to all.